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Autism services offered in Crystal Lake, IL

Around one in every 44 children has autism spectrum disorder (ASD) in the United States, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). At Pediatric POST in Crystal Lake, Illinois, the team helps children navigate the challenges of autism through evidence-based techniques, such as floortime play therapy. Call the office today or schedule an appointment online to find an experienced therapist who provides comprehensive care for autism.

Autism Q&A

What is autism?

Autism is a developmental disorder that affects how a child communicates, behaves, and interacts with others. As a spectrum disorder, autism symptoms can vary widely. Some children have mild symptoms and can maintain their independence, while others require lifelong support. A thorough evaluation and care plan is essential to support children with autism as they age.

At Pediatric POST, the mental health team takes a multimodality approach to autism treatment that incorporates DIRFloortime® play therapy for social, emotional, and behavioral growth.

What are the signs of autism?

Early signs of autism may develop around age one, but most children exhibit symptoms around ages two, three, or by the time they start school. While symptoms vary, many children with autism show signs such as:

  • Difficulty maintaining eye contact
  • Struggling to adapt to changes in their routine
  • Problems making friends
  • Delayed verbal communication
  • Repetitive behaviors
  • Difficulty managing their own emotions and interpreting others
  • Poor motor skills or coordination
  • Difficulty forming friendships
  • Problems understanding social cues
  • Sensory hypersensitivity (bright lights, loud noises, etc.)
  • Repetition and rigidity such as Lining up toys in a certain pattern

While some children with autism experience delayed language development, others never verbally communicate. That’s why the team develops individualized care plans for children with autism.

What causes autism?

There is no single cause of autism, but certain factors can increase a child’s risk of developing the disorder. These risk factors include:

  • Having older parents
  • Experiencing a traumatic birth
  • Having a close relative with autism
  • Having certain genetic conditions
  • Having a low birth rate

Exposure to certain chemicals, toxins, and environmental substances can also increase a child’s risk of autism.

How is autism diagnosed?

While no lab test can diagnose autism, the Pediatric POST team can perform multiple screenings to evaluate signs of the condition. Common screenings for autism include:

  • Psychological evaluation
  • Cognitive assessment
  • Physical exam
  • Developmental screening

Having speech, occupational, and physical therapists on-site allows the team to provide autism screenings and treatments under one roof.

What are the treatments for autism?

Pediatric POST practices a play-based approach to care that encourages children to take an active role in their care. The team creates an interactive environment that may combine traditional forms of therapy, like cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), with DIRFloortime play therapy, group therapy, and other forms of engaging care.

Call Pediatric POST today or schedule an appointment online to learn more about autism.